Multidisciplinary Areas
In addition to standard study conduct approaches, we are an expert in supporting complex trials and reaching special study populations where the expertise and highly specialized knowledge are essential factors for the success.

Accelsiors CRO is a specialist of clinical trials on special and difficult to recruit study populations for a wide range of therapeutic areas in many indications, across all stages of clinical drug development. As well as we have often worked with first-in-class drug products that usually consist of new, very challenging professional issues and a network of complex and interconnected pathways from both scientific and regulatory point of view. Among others, our expertise is outstanding in the following areas:

Multidisciplinary Areas

Biosimilars experience: Spanning from the early beginnings. Work together with the pioneers in biosimilars!


We have expertise in BE studies with compounds that are characterized by high variability


Accelsiors has been deeply involved in the development of prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines


Our team has in-depth knowledge of regulatory and technical requirements for ATMPs, including the framework for GMO.


In addition to standard patient population, Accelsiors is an expert in pediatric clinical trials.

Rare Diseases

Rare diseases hold a special place here at Accelsiors, as 350 million people worldwide are living with rare diseases.