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Dose-Finding & Drug Registration Studies

Phase IIb – Phase III trials

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end suite of services for your Phase IIb and Phase III programs ensuring an insatiable pace and continuous quality. Let our talented teams drive your studies to successful drug approvals, with outstanding quality, on time, and on a budget!

Our solutions are mature and have efficiently been crystallized during the past 20+ years; our people are highly educated and well trained to cope with most complex clinical trial-related tasks, our processes are lean and well-fitting the purpose, our supporting technologies are tailor-made but at the same time highly adaptable for any situation we may face during Phase II and III clinical trials.

We are ready to plan, accelerate, control, and execute clinical trials of any kind or complexity on the most proficient level. Irrespective of the study phase, or its complexity, we always focus on quality, accelerated study delivery, and complete scientific and regulatory compliance. Our project management approaches are pragmatic, evidence-based, and data-driven. Our clinical trial practices are transparent and regulatory compliant, and data produced under our monitoring are clean, fully trackable, and reproducible. All our activities are well supported with state-of-the-art FDA 21 CFR Part 11-compliant technologies.

Discover how our solutions are merging unparalleled acceleration and quality in clinical trial delivery

Accelerated Delivery is Accelsiors’ experience-driven dynamic planning and operational model - the harmonization of our scientific expertise, wide reaching services, quality insights, advanced clinical research technology, proactivity and tailored collaboration approach.

Explore our powerful suite of solutions built to accelerate delivery of quality results in clinical drug development!


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Building quality
in design

Knowledge, experience, compliance

On the accelerated route of study delivery

Data analytics and machine learning

Fully standardized contemporary project management

We offer end-to-end suite of services for Phase II – III studies, focused on a rapid and professionally supported progress towards your drug’s approval:

  • Study design including Clinical development planning and Protocol development with medical and scientific consultation
  • Global regulatory affairs, strategies, facilitation, operation
  • Feasibility and Quick patient access through ACCELEROUTE™
  • Study Start-up
  • Recruitment and enrollment of patients, including special patient populations
  • Clinical Operations, Site Management and Monitoring
  • Project management
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management
  • Safety management, Pharmacovigilance
  • Data management, Record management
  • Bioanalytical services and advanced biostatistics

Let us accelerate your clinical drug development program!