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Project Management

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Accelsiors approaches Project Management in a distinctive way that ensures effective cross-functional collaboration and transparent and straight-forward communication with all stakeholders, resulting in study delivery in line with the Customer’s expectations. Our project management methodology, PACE™ stands for Plan-Activate-Control-Execute and is evidence-based and data-driven. We routinely standardize best practices and lessons learnt across all studies identifying and implementing the most efficient solutions and strategies into project management methodology and tools.

Our Project Managers act as the true leaders of their project teams and the studies in general, serving as the primary point of contact for the Customers. Leading the delivery of the studies cross-functionally as per the contractually agreed time, quality-scope and cost parameters, they are still able to address the majority of specific study related questions and issues promptly, having strong clinical experience background and being well acquainted with the scientific and medical aspects of the studies.

To perform timely identification and address unexpected challenges may arise even in the most thoroughly planned trial, Accelsiors introduced The Quality Health-Check process, that is designed to ensure the agreed acceptable levels of quality for deliverables by developingand tracking the set of study specific KPIs. 


  • Project planning and study plans preparation
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Study finance management
  • Project oversight
  • Project status reporting
  • Vendor management and oversight

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