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Intelligent TechnologiesReshaping the future of the clinical studies

We have developed an innovative platform, WideSCOPE Intelligence™. This cutting-edge software is Accelsiors’ data visualization platform to support a hybrid monitoring approach. Accelsiors’ experience, science and technology ensures a successful clinical trial during a pandemic period.

WideScope Intelligence™ connects and harmonizes different databases and data platforms ensuring access to all study related data and for all authorised users. This platform is built on a reliable IT background ensuring smooth management of clinical trials, since allows the team to get real time access, integrate and analyse any study related data. With our system we ensure a data-driven, objective decision-making.

The Study Quality Health-Check process

  • Establishes Quality expectations for the study;
  • Provides an overall and customized quality approach for the deliverables and services involved in the study;
  • Defines Project team quality management roles and responsibilities throughout the study;
  • Establishes and periodically reviews a balanced-scorecard of key performance indicators with thresholds for Quality Improvement/contingency plan implementation and/or escalation.