Innovative TechnologiesWidescope


Our project teams are supported by the most advanced clinical trials technologies, either developed by Accelsiors, or acquired as state of the art commercially available technologies. In both instances, these are seamlessly integrated with all our systems.

The key success factor for our studies – the innovative platform, WideSCOPE Intelligence™ (WSI) system, connects and harmonizes different data sources and databases into a unique platform and a tailor-made study dashboard.
It ensures access to all study related data and for all authorized users (project team, Sponsor, Vendors, as appropriate and requested) in real-time. This platform is built on a reliable IT background (based on micro service architecture) ensuring smooth management of clinical studies.

Accelsiors’ experience, science and technology ensures a successful clinical study during a pandemic period. Accelsiors’ cutting-edge data visualization platform supports central and risk-based monitoring and allows the implementation of a hybrid monitoring approach which is crucial in this COVID-19 pandemic.

The WideScope technology also assists an Integrated Data Review approach which is instrumental to data integrity. Data is cross functionally cleaned and reviewed on an ongoing basis as opposed to silo-oriented and sequential approach.
In addition to all functional areas involved in central data cleaning and review activities, regular issue driven Data Review Meetings are organized to ensure that the project team has an aligned understanding of the data which allows tailored approach towards the sites.