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We provide science-driven approach to assist in shaping any aspect of your clinical development strategy.

Accelsiors is here to support Sponsors, in order to achieve a timely development of high-quality and safe pharmaceutical products.

Before submitting for marketing authorization, it is possible that the European Medicines Agency can provide Sponsors advice on the most suitable performance of drug development, in the interest of generating robust evidence on a medicine’s benefits and risks. Without this guidance there is high chance that the product will fail to successfully register.

During this step, Accelsiors’ experienced team will ensure that all issues will be properly addressed, and that the Sponsor will receive the right direction for successful approval. We can assist you from the first steps of arranging and preparing for a meeting with the authorities, until the completion of your trial by making sure every advice given to you is properly followed. This way, together, we achieve the best possible preparation for a successful product registration.
StrongCORE Scientific
Gain access to our multidisciplinary team of subject matter experts who are dedicated to maximize the value of your clinical development program

Providing knowledge, experience and compliance are essential elements of our Accelerated Delivery Solution. The SCS Group is a flexible, fit-for-purpose advisory solution offered to help shaping any aspect of your clinical trial, by providing you experience-based insights, best-practices, expertise to find optimal study settings, ensure and monitor full Scientific, Medical, Regulatory, and Legal compliance.

StrongCORE Scientific - Knowledge, experience, compliance

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