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Step into the world of Accelsiors, a premier global CRO, carrying a legacy
of over two decades in the clinical research realm. We are more than just
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Smart, tailored, global CRO solutions.

Experience the Accelsiors advantage – a global full-service clinical development partner boasting two decades of industry experience and unmatched scientific acumen. We’re more than a service, we’re your passport to clinical research success.
Unlock your potential with Accelsiors, your trusted ally in the complex world of drug development. We support emerging innovators, turning obstacles into opportunities, and accelerating promising therapies towards success.

We care for every step of your clinical drug development journey, from preclinical consultation to regulatory submission. Combining the agility of a mid-sized CRO with global reach and comprehensive services, we blend experience and flexibility to deliver impactful outcomes.

With our Swiss headquarters, and operations in over 40 countries worldwide, Accelsiors offers global coverage across diverse therapeutic areas and trial phases.

Armed with a science-driven approach and extensive experience, we skillfully assist our clients through the intricacies of clinical research.

At Accelsiors, our dedicated team’s proactive, personalized approach ensures swift, efficient progress at every stage of clinical development. Together, we’ll bring life-changing therapies to patients. With Accelsiors, your success is our commitment.

For more than 20 years, the trusted relationship we have built with our partners is based on



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High-Quality Service


This is our key to success. Accelsiors proprietary methodology for conducting clinical research.

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As a full service CRO we are the single support you need to accelerate and manage each step of your studies.

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Our expertise is what makes us different. For more than 20 years, we have been working with a wide range of drugs, biologics and, medical devices across all phases of clinical development, many therapeutic areas and indications.


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