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Discover how our solutions
are merging unparalleled acceleration
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Accelsiors’ unique proprietary methodology.
Your confident pathway to successful clinical trial execution.

What truly defines a successful clinical trial?

Is it speed, scientific integrity, quality, trial progress control, or feasible study conduct?
At Accelsiors, we assert it is a harmonious blend of them all. That’s why we have crafted our proprietary methodology, Accelerant, designed to weave these crucial elements seamlessly into every stage of the trial, right from the outset.
This approach promises a steady pace and dynamic enhancement throughout the trial’s progress.

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We focus on factors that are critical to the quality of your clinical trial. We streamline all key study stakeholders’ attention to preventing errors of relevance that could meaningfully impact outcome and conclusions of a clinical trial.

Let's come with us on a QualityDRIVE™ journey! With our QualityDRIVE™ program you can always be one step ahead of problems. You will always be aware of issues that matter.

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We are a truly scientifically and quality-driven CRO. We not only monitor a study, but we ensure that our subject matter experts are optimally driving the study from design to execution.

Allow us to maximize the value of your clinical development program. We will ensure that your study is performed based on the scientific understanding, medical knowledge, regulatory compliance, and experience of our team.

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AcceleROUTE™ is our proprietary methodology of putting studies on the accelerated route of delivery, whilst preserving the highest quality and budget during whole life cycle of the project.

AcceleROUTE™ team is working along four well defined Streams: Feasibility & Site Selection, Recruitment, Startup, Study Closure.

We integrated these four key phases under one umbrella to ensure a sustained pace and consistent quality across the whole lifecycle of your study.

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Our cutting-edge technology has been developed to precisely control and accelerate your clinical study

With WideSCOPE Intelligence™, our innovative eClinical platform that collects, connects and harmonizes the increasing data generated by clinical trials, we ensure wide data access, evidence-based insights, and transparent, precisely controlled and smooth management of studies with improved compliance and accelerated delivery of quality results.

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It is imperative to design and execute clinical trials in a way to enhance patients' and caregivers' experiences and reduce burden and complexity.

As the only ones with firsthand experience of living with the disease day to day, patients bring irreplaceable perspectives to drug development that cannot be provided by any of the scientific, regulatory, or clinical experts. During the whole lifecycle of medicine development, practical consideration and inclusion of the patient's perspective in clinical trials will increase the quality of the development program.

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Discover how our solutions are merging unparalleled acceleration and quality in clinical trial delivery

Accelerated Delivery is Accelsiors’ experience-driven dynamic planning and operational model – the harmonization of our scientific expertise, wide reaching services, quality insights, advanced clinical research technology, proactivity and tailored collaboration approach.

Explore our powerful suite of solutions built to accelerate delivery of quality results in clinical drug development!

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5 pillars of our Accelerated Delivery solution

Building quality in design

Knowledge, experience, compliance

On the accelerated route of study delivery

Data analytics and machine learning

Fully standardized contemporary project management

Let us accelerate your clinical drug development program!