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In harmony with your special development needs, Accelsiors provides wide range of customized
»    Stand-alone B2B services in modular bases,
»    and Functional Service Provider
to scale your trial resources and accelerate study timelines.

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Discover our Stand-alone B2B services

Project management

Metrics-driven PM approach with customized collaboration and operational excellence for trouble-free clinical trials.

Central and risk-based monitoring

Eliminating barriers in study site selection and patient’s recruitment. 


Custom-made, personalized support and full compliance with worldwide regulatory requirements.

Monitoring and Site management

We offer our global clinical monitoring capabilities in either a full-service or on a modular base.

Data management

We focus on the clear translation of the protocol into CDISC-compliant data structures with efficient data validation, review and management tools.

Record management

Reliable accuracy till the last page with proactive and efficient management of critical study documentation with technology-enabled TMF solutions.

Safety management and Pharmacovigilance

Accelsiors’ safety team offers medical expertise and patient safety support across all geographic regions.

Quality Assurance

We provide improved compliance, study performance and reliable results with our holistic Quality Management System.


Our biostatisticians facilitate the success of clinical research in a significantly regulated environment.

Medical writing

Working closely with DM, statistical, medical, regulatory and safety teams, our medical writers deliver high quality reports with high scientific and industry standards.

Clinical Pharmacology, Modelling and Simulation

Accelsiors ensures efficient and smooth management of third-party vendor partnerships including central or local labs and global drug supply management.

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