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Project Management

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Evidence-based, metrics-driven project management with customized collaboration and operational excellence

PACE™, our proprietary four-phase project management methodology, offers a unique structure to Plan, Accelerate, Control, and Execute studies. Developed with an emphasis on proactive risk management, transparent performance tracking, and data-driven decision making, PACE™ ensures consistent and precise control over our clinical trials. Although a standardized methodology, PACE™ retains the flexibility to meet individual client and project needs, with the primary goal of delivering projects on time and within budget.

PACE™ is the result of two decades of clinical trial execution expertise, and embodies our lessons learned and best practices that have been implemented and routinely applied. In effect, it facilitates successful project delivery in terms of time, budget and quality. This is achieved through a proactive, standardized, and modular approach to study planning, process optimization, task and timeline synchronization, cycle time improvements, risk management, and metrics-driven operational oversight.

Accelsiors provides predictable and assured handling of complexity and realizes our Sponsors’ needs through all steps of the study with consistent processes, transparent performance metrics and proactive risk management with a strong focus on on-time, on budget project execution.

Accelsiors is committed to proficiently managing complexity and aligning our actions with the needs of our sponsors at every stage of the study. Our approach is characterized by consistent processes, transparent performance metrics and proactive risk management, with a dedicated focus on delivering projects on time and within budget.

Our effective strategy ensures a more predictable process that not only improves data quality, but also accelerates database closure. This establishes an early foundation for study completion activities and deliverables. With Accelsiors, you can rest assured that you’ll receive high-quality results within your expected timeline and budget.

Project Management Services
  • Project planning and study plans preparation
  • Communication planning
  • Risk mitigation and management
  • Study finance management
  • Project status reporting
  • Budget planning and control
  • Project performance management and oversight

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