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Accelsiors is your clear path to successful outcomes through expert biostatistics

At Accelsiors, we understand that a sound statistical strategy is pivotal to the successful execution of your clinical trials. Our team of experienced biostatisticians is committed to turning complex data into clear, actionable insights, driving your projects towards triumphant conclusions.

Consistently staying on top of the latest developments in biostatistics, our team regularly participates in, and even hosts, industry conferences to ensure we maintain a competitive edge in our domain expertise. Our statisticians engage collaboratively and proactively with sponsors, often getting involved even before a study begins, guaranteeing a cohesive approach throughout the study’s lifecycle.

Every study at Accelsiors is assigned a lead and a backup project statistician to ensure comprehensive project support and seamless communication throughout the research timeline. Each project statistician is further supported by two statistical programmers, enhancing our commitment to deliver consistently high-quality outputs across all study deliverables.

In everything we do, we prioritize:

  • Simplicity: We convey complex statistical concepts in understandable terms to all members of the study team, irrespective of their training or expertise.
  • Optimization: We implement suitable study designs and sample sizes to achieve optimal results.
  • Data Maximization: We focus on extracting the maximum value from the data at our disposal.

Our seasoned biostatisticians turn complex data into clear, actionable insights, driving your clinical trials towards successful outcomes
StrongCORE Scientific
We are a truly scientifically and quality-driven CRO. We not only monitor a study, but we ensure that our subject matter experts are optimally driving the study from design to execution.

Allow us to maximize the value of your clinical development program. We will ensure that your study is performed based on the scientific understanding, medical knowledge, regulatory compliance, and experience of our team.

StrongCORE Scientific - Knowledge, experience, compliance
Our comprehensive biostatistical services include:
  • Study Design & Consulting: We specialize in traditional as well as adaptive study designs and protocol development.
  • Sample Size Calculations: We provide accurate sample size calculations to ensure sufficient power for your study.
  • Simulation Studies: We offer simulation studies to anticipate potential study outcomes and refine study design.
  • Randomization Schemes: We create robust randomization schemes to reduce bias and ensure balance in your trials.
  • Statistical Analysis Plans (SAP): Our team develops comprehensive SAPs that drive successful data interpretation.
  • Clinical Study Report Design & Programming: We design and program statistical tables, data listings, and figures for clinical study reports.
  • Regulatory Support: We provide guidance, planning, and representation for meetings with regulatory authorities.
  • Integrated Safety and Efficacy Analyses (ISS/ISE): We conduct integrated analyses to assess the safety and efficacy of your investigational product.
  • Data Monitoring Committee Services: We provide independent Data Monitoring Committee services to ensure the safety and efficacy of your trials.
  • CDISC-Compliant Datasets: We create and validate CDISC-compliant datasets to ensure smooth regulatory submission and review.
  • At Accelsiors, we illuminate the path to your successful outcomes with clear endpoints, clear design, and clear insights.

Let us accelerate your clinical drug development program!