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Our experienced, science-driven team clear the way to proceed in a time and cost-efficient manner by understanding the science, preparing innovative development plans and strategies, evaluating study designs and eliminating road-blocks on the path of your study.


Accelsiors’ science driven team is dedicated to your success.

Accelsiors boasts a team of highly educated clinical development experts well-versed in all phases of clinical development and deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of clinical trials. Our dynamic team is composed of distinguished scientific, medical, clinical, logistics, IT, regulatory, and data science professionals.

At Accelsiors, we do more than just monitor a study. Our experts drive your project from design to delivery, ensuring the results are of the highest quality. We offer personalized, continuous support to navigate the complexities of global studies, and craft your development program with success as our compass. We champion open consultation and steer your study from inception to an on-time, on-budget execution, shaping the future of research together.

Our passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable CRO team at Accelsiors is deeply committed to spearheading state-of-the-art clinical research. With a wealth of experience and relentless drive, these experts leverage their distinctive skill sets and insights to transform conceptual ideas into tangible healthcare breakthroughs. This group of highly trained professionals is not only proficient in their respective fields, but they also share a unified goal: to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of global health. Every project they undertake is imbued with this passion, dedication, and knowledge, fostering an environment where innovation thrives, and medical breakthroughs are within reach.


Our Leadership Team



Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mihaly Juhasz, founder of Accelsiors, brings a wealth of expertise and a proven track record to the pharmaceutical industry, making significant contributions to numerous drug development programs. Trained as an MD with board certification in clinical pharmacology and a strong background in pediatrics, his experience spans both CRO (Contract Research Organization) and Pharma sectors.

Over the past quarter-century, Dr. Juhasz has focused on neuroendocrine disorders, in both pediatric and adult populations. His involvement in clinical research has facilitated the successful registration of several drugs, a noteworthy accomplishment that has advanced the field of neuro-endocrinology and beyond.

Before establishing Accelsiors, Dr. Juhasz served as a Medical Director at Novartis Biologics (Biochemie). His strategic input played a significant role in the organization’s success. His reputation for innovation is also evident in the biosimilar development sphere, an area that now constitutes an essential part of Accelsiors’ operations, showcasing his commitment to the evolving landscape of biopharmaceuticals.

Before his stint at Novartis Biologics, he successfully navigated increasing responsibilities across various managerial roles at Quintiles, the world’s largest CRO at the time.

Throughout his career, Dr. Juhasz’s commitment in expanding scientific knowledge and improving patient care has been evident. His professional journey is a testament to his dedication in advancing innovation within the pharmaceutical industry.


Chief Operating OfficerJUDIT KORÁNYI, MD

Dr. Judit Koranyi is a seasoned medical professional, boasting an impressive 25 years of experience in drug development. She has held various medical and clinical leadership positions in the pharmaceutical industry, operating at local, regional, and global levels, demonstrating her adaptability and strong leadership capabilities. Trained as a pediatrician and neonatologist, her medical acumen significantly enhances her pharmaceutical endeavors. Her extensive drug development experience spans several complex therapeutic areas including hematology, oncology, immune diseases, endocrinology, and also rare diseases, underscoring her versatile expertise. This vast knowledge allows her to navigate intricate medical landscapes with ease and precision. Over the past decade, Dr. Koranyi has showcased her remarkable leadership skills by steering teams to conduct global clinical trials across all phases (I-IV). She has held the position of VP, Clinical Programs - TA Head at notable companies such as Baxter, Baxalta, Shire, and Takeda. Her distinguished career reflects a profound dedication to advancing healthcare, championing innovation, and leading teams towards groundbreaking medical discoveries.

Chief Financial OfficerKATALIN HERKÓ

With over two decades of management experience under her belt, Katalin brings an impressive skill set and a wealth of knowledge to her role at Accelsiors, where she has been making significant contributions since joining in 2012. As Chief Financial Officer, she oversees a multitude of critical functions including accounting, business support, and financial planning and analysis, ensuring the financial stability and growth of the company. Under Katalin's stewardship, Accelsiors has thrived, benefitting from her aptitude for building and leading robust finance teams that excel in international business settings. This expertise stems from her previous role as CFO for one of Hungary's largest construction companies, where she honed her leadership skills and developed a keen understanding of financial operations on a grand scale. A graduate of the University of Economics Budapest, Katalin holds a BSc in International Business. This academic background, paired with her extensive professional experience, make her an indispensable asset to Accelsiors. Her financial acumen, strategic planning abilities, and dedication to corporate growth have been instrumental in guiding Accelsiors to its current standing as a leading CRO.

Vice-President - Corporate Legal Affairs and Intellectual PropertyISTVÁN-PÉTER HORVÁTH, LL.M

Since 2012, István has adeptly fulfilled his role as Head of Legal at Accelsiors, demonstrating a commendable blend of expertise, dedication, and a steadfast commitment to the company's values and vision. His vast experience and in-depth knowledge serve as a vital asset to Accelsiors, ensuring legal compliance across all aspects of the business. Currently, István is concentrating his efforts on developing and executing Accelsiors' global intellectual property strategy, a pivotal component in our expanding worldwide operations. He expertly navigates the intricate landscape of intellectual property law to protect and fortify our business interests. In addition to this, István provides invaluable legal guidance on matters pertaining to our IP portfolio and the impact of GDPR regulations on our clinical trials. His insights are critical in maintaining compliance and fostering informed decision-making within the organization. István's leadership responsibilities extend to managing the Legal team and supervising the Record Management Team. His multifaceted role highlights his capacity to oversee multiple crucial operations simultaneously, further testament to his capabilities as an effective leader and essential member of the Accelsiors team.

Vice President Data Management & Data IntegrationPHILIPPE ANDRY

At Accelsiors, Philippe leverages his extensive experience and expertise in Data Management to drive the transformation of the organization into a truly data-driven entity. His vast knowledge aids in the integration of advanced data management techniques, shaping the company's approach to harnessing the power of data for the future, and supporting Accelsiors' continued pursuit of innovation. Philippe's distinguished career in Data Management began in 1990, positioning him at the forefront of the field's many groundbreaking innovations. Over the course of his 30-year tenure, he has contributed to cutting-edge developments such as Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Decentralized Data Management, Central Monitoring, and the Risk-Based Approach, among others. His broad experience encompasses diverse settings, ranging from major pharmaceutical companies to smaller biotech firms. This extensive and varied exposure to all aspects of Clinical Data Management has equipped Philippe with a unique set of skills and insights, allowing him to adeptly navigate the rapidly evolving data landscape. His rich background and deep expertise contribute significantly to the data-driven vision at Accelsiors.

Vice President Integrated Risk Based Quality ManagementATTILA KOVÁCS, MD

Attila, an accomplished MD with MSc degrees in Pediatrics, Anesthesiology, and Intensive Therapy, currently applies his extensive experience and knowledge across a variety of therapeutic areas to advise on all aspects of clinical research strategies. With an impressive career spanning 18 years at Sanofi, he started as a medical monitor and climbed the ranks to become the Director of Regional Clinical Operations, while also serving as a member of Sanofi's Affiliate Management Committee. Furthering his professional development, Attila completed a two-year course in Pharmaceutical Medicine at Cardiff University, Wales, enhancing his understanding of the intersection between medical practice and the development and regulation of medicines. Expanding his professional horizon, he later joined Ergomed Ltd as Chief Medical Officer, where his exemplary leadership saw him rise to the position of Managing Director at Ergomed MENA LLC. Throughout his career, Attila has proven his proficiency in establishing new functions, managing multicultural matrix organizations, and providing insightful guidance on clinical research strategies.

Vice-President Late Phase Clinical DevelopmentPAVEL TUMANOV, MD

With over two decades of experience in drug development, including clinical leadership roles and marketing within the clinical research industry and pharmaceutical companies, Pavel brings an invaluable wealth of expertise to Accelsiors. Trained as a pediatrician, his rich experience in drug development spans a range of complex therapeutic areas, including endocrinology, oncology, immune diseases, and rare diseases. Pavel joined Accelsiors in its earliest developmental stage in 2003 and has been instrumental in the company's growth over the last 17 years, serving in various pivotal management positions. For the past three years, as the Executive Director of Clinical Operations, Pavel has been steering the Accelsiors Clin Ops team, skillfully conducting global clinical trials across all phases, from I through IV. His strategic leadership, combined with his deep understanding of the medical landscape, continues to be a driving force behind Accelsiors' continued success.

Vice President Scientific AffairsTÍMEA GOMBOS, MD, PhD

As a board-certified internist and holder of a PhD in Clinical Sciences, Dr. Tímea Gombos brings an exceptional blend of clinical, academic, and statistical expertise to her role at Accelsiors. Her several years of experience as an internist and research fellow underpin her deep understanding of the medical field, while her Master's degree in Statistics adds a valuable dimension to her professional portfolio.Dr. Gombos began her journey with Accelsiors in 2016 as a Biostatistician. Over the years, she has demonstrated remarkable professional growth, stepping into a variety of roles and gaining considerable experience in both management and technical positions within the company.Since 2021, Dr. Gombos has taken the helm of Accelsiors’ Scientific Affairs, driving the strategic vision and execution in this area. Simultaneously, she fulfills the line management role in medical writing and supports Accelsiors' central and medical monitoring activities. Her multifaceted role showcases her diverse skills and talents, as well as her capacity to effectively lead and contribute to multiple critical operations within Accelsiors.

Vice President Regulatory AffairsVLADA INJAC, MD, PhD

Dr. Vlada Injac serve as our Vice President of Regulatory Affairs. As an MD and specialist in Clinical Pharmacology Pharmaceutical Medicine, Dr. Injac, grounding her leadership in a wealth of knowledge and clinical expertise. This solid academic foundation is further enriched by a PhD in Pharmacology, amplifying her authoritative standing in the field. Bringing over 17 years of hands-on experience in Regulatory Affairs, she expertly oversees Accelsiors' global regulatory activities. This role includes spearheading a team of dedicated professionals, guiding them towards maintaining the highest levels of regulatory compliance across diverse geographical regions. She actively devises and implements strategic regulatory measures to facilitate the seamless execution of our international clinical trials. Her extensive experience, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the regulatory landscape, ensures that our regulatory operations are always a step ahead, ready to adapt to the dynamic global pharmaceutical environment.

Vice President Medical Affairs and PVDUSAN RADOJICIC, MD

Dr. Radojcic, a medical doctor with nearly two decades of drug development experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique blend of scientific and professional expertise to his role at Accelsiors. Starting his journey with Accelsiors in 2004 as a Study Site Coordinator, Dusan has continuously grown and excelled in his career. Throughout his tenure at Accelsiors, he has held numerous key positions, showcasing his versatility and commitment. He has evolved from a Lead CRA to a Project Manager, Director of the Drug Safety Department, and Senior Director of Drug Safety and Medical Monitoring. His continuous professional development and contributions have led him to his current position as the Vice President of Medical Affairs and Pharmacovigilance. Dusan's significant professional experience and in-depth scientific knowledge form an invaluable resource for Accelsiors. His unyielding commitment to medical integrity, coupled with his hands-on experience in various phases of drug development, empowers Accelsiors to maintain the highest standards of medical practice and ensure patient safety in all its clinical endeavors.

VP Clinical Pharmacology, Modelling & SimulationSTEFAN HORKOVICS-KOVATS, RNDr, PhD

Stefan is a highly experienced professional in clinical research, statistical analysis, and more. He has been recognized for his significant roles at Novartis and Sandoz, such as a Statistical Expert, Head of Clinical Development, Head of In vitro-in vivo Correlations, and Head of Tiamulin Development Group. His expertise covers CRO approval, bioequivalence study planning and monitoring, deficiency letters of HA worldwide, analysis of dissolution profiles, IVIVC, IMP identification for BE studies, PK and PKPD modeling, statistical analysis, and staff training. He has made notable contributions to projects involving manufacturing process control, root cause analysis, and FDF development, documented in 29 peer-reviewed publications.

Director Organizational DevelopmentCRISTIAN RADULESCU

Cristian brings extensive expertise and a passion for driving sustainable business growth. He holds a BA in Accounting & Business Management and an INSEAD Certificate in Digital Transformation, he possesses a solid foundation in both traditional and cutting-edge business practices. With 25 years of managerial experience in healthcare, including strategy consulting, innovation, services development and real-world evidence / real-world data, Cristian has honed his skills through hands-on experience and continuous professional training. His focus is to align our organization's objectives with strategic planning, innovation, P&L management, and business development, fostering long-term success.

Senior Director, Quality ManagementMIODRAG STAMENKOVIC , MD

Dr. Miodrag, a medical doctor with a specialty in medical microbiology and a PhD in Virology, brings nearly 20 years of experience in medicines development, with a particular focus on vaccines and biotech, to his role at Accelsiors. His professional journey is punctuated by a tenure as a member of the Serbian National Regulatory Authority, where he was involved in microbiological tests and assessments of CMC, non-clinical, and clinical documentation for Clinical Trials (CT) and Marketing Authorization (MA) applications.Dr. Miodrag has a distinguished track record in Quality Management Systems (QMS) audits in compliance with ISO 9001 and 17025 standards, as well as in the development of QMS. He has also actively engaged in GMP/GCP inspections/audits, demonstrating his commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality in the pharmaceutical industry.In addition to these roles, he has cooperated with esteemed international organizations such as Ph. Eur./EDQM and WHO, further expanding his professional network and influence. Currently, Dr. Miodrag leads the Head of Quality Management Unit at Accelsiors, utilizing his extensive expertise to ensure the company's adherence to stringent quality standards and regulations.

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