Clinical Development

Accelsiors stands as a prominent global provider of Clinical Trial Solutions, serving rising pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic companies. Leveraging over 20 years of experience, we infuse each clinical trial with unparalleled expertise, pace, innovation, patient-centricity, and a stringent quality focus.

Our offerings are a coherent network of services, purposefully constructed to address your development needs. We prioritize your success, recognizing each trial’s unique demands and tailoring our approach accordingly.

Our service spectrum spans study design development, feasibility, project management, medical monitoring, pharmacovigilance, data management, clinical monitoring, biostatistical services, medical writing, PK/PD modelling and simulations, quality assurance, and more.

At Accelsiors, we’re committed to delivering superior support throughout your clinical trial journey. Our seasoned team brings in-depth knowledge and proficiency, ensuring your trial adheres to scientific rigor, regulatory compliance, and patient perspectives.

Join hands with Accelsiors to maximize your clinical trials’ potential. Our extensive services, propelled by expertise and dedication, will help you navigate drug development intricacies and efficiently realize your goals. Choose Accelsiors as your innovative and reliable partner in clinical trial solutions.

Full-service, Tailored Study Execution Solutions
Early-phase Clinical Development
(Phase I – Phase III studies)

We offer a comprehensive set of solutions to support your clinical development, irrespective of whether this is a first-in-human or proof-of-concept study. We ensure an insatiable pace and continuous quality towards your drug’s approval.

Late Phase
Real World Evidence Trials

Accelsiors expert team will help you in selecting the most optimal approach among different types of real-world, observational studies, and point out all benefits but also limitations of RWE.

Discover Components of Our Full-service Model

Project management
Central and Risk-based monitoring
Monitoring and Site management
Data management
Record management
Safety management and Pharmacovigilance
Quality Assurance
AcceleROUTE™ services
Medical writing
Clinical Pharmacology, Modelling and Simulation

Let us accelerate your clinical drug development program!