Our Speed Booster Solutions

Discover how our solutions are merging
unparalleled acceleration and quality in clinical trial delivery!

Leveraging our extensive therapeutic, scientific, and regulatory expertise, we’ve introduced Accelerant™, an experience-driven dynamic planning and operational model, to enhance clinical trial deliverables.

By embedding this model in every trial managed by Accelsiors, we ensure the seamless integration of quality, data access, visualization through our advanced clinical technology, and the acceleration of study progress.

All the while, we keep our focus firmly on patient perspectives and cost-effectiveness, for a truly engaging and efficient clinical trial experience.

2nd Pillar

We are a truly scientifically and quality driven CRO. In addition to standard study monitoring, we ensure that our subject matter experts optimally drive the study from design to execution. Allow us to maximize the value of your clinical development program. We will embed in every study conducted by Accelsiors the science, medical knowledge, regulatory compliance, and experience of our team.​

As a scientifically and quality driven CRO, we employ highly educated staff and maintain a network of trusted expert consultants with significant expertise in the indications we are targeting.

At Accelsiors, we value the expertise and experience our staff has gained throughout their career. Therefore, we carefully consider our clinical team's experiences when suggesting study team members. We can assure you with confidence that our staff has had the appropriate work experience in the field relevant to your study.

Additionally, we ensure that experts are leading the study: experts with in-depth knowledge of the area, people that can scientifically contribute, able to interpret data in its actual context, and people that will be able at any stage of the study to advise you of the right direction.​ We host several highly qualified cross-functional focused StrongCORE Scientific™ teams in our focus areas of expertise.

Those multidisciplinary teams are composed of various experts in the field of translation science, medicine, regulatory, CMC, biostatistics, clinical pharmacology, clinical study specialists, biomarker specialists, biostatistician, vendor specialists, assay validation specialists, data scientists. These people understand complex clinical research demands and can effectively steer the study through challenges. They are responsible for the scientific integrity of the study providing the right and timely support to the broader study team that will ensure based on these inputs credibility of the collected data.

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