Our Speed Booster Solutions

Discover how our solutions are merging
unparalleled acceleration and quality in clinical trial delivery!

Leveraging our extensive therapeutic, scientific, and regulatory expertise, we’ve introduced Accelerant™, an experience-driven dynamic planning and operational model, to enhance clinical trial deliverables.

By embedding this model in every trial managed by Accelsiors, we ensure the seamless integration of quality, data access, visualization through our advanced clinical technology, and the acceleration of study progress.

All the while, we keep our focus firmly on patient perspectives and cost-effectiveness, for a truly engaging and efficient clinical trial experience.

4th Pillar

At Accelsiors, we're pioneering agile strategies to nourish and sustain our evolving tech ecosystem. With the Accelsiors Clinical Data Cloud (ACDC™), we seamlessly integrate data from diverse sources into a comprehensive central database. Our WideSCOPE Intelligence™ dashboards breathe life into these data points, enabling vivid, context-specific visualizations from any data angle, thereby empowering insightful decision-making.

At Accelsiors, we leverage the power of our innovative eClinical Platform - the blend of Accelsiors Clinical Data Cloud (ACDC) and WideSCOPE Intelligence™ (WSI). Our platform skillfully assembles, aligns, and harmonizes the profusion of data produced by clinical trials. We provide extensive data accessibility, superior data visualization, evidence-based insights, and clear, precisely controlled study management. This accelerates the delivery of quality results and bolsters compliance.

WideSCOPE Intelligence™, built on a reliable and validated IT foundation, ensures smooth and transparent clinical trial management by providing real-time access to integration, analysis, and visualization of all study-related data. This data-centric approach empowers model-based forecasting and objective decision-making and gives you a real-time, immersive view of your study's progress. With Accelsiors by your side, you can be confident that your project execution remains on track, adhering to planned timelines and budgets. Harness the full potential of your clinical trials with our pioneering tech solutions.

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