Our Speed Booster Solutions

Discover how our solutions are merging
unparalleled acceleration and quality in clinical trial delivery!

Leveraging our extensive therapeutic, scientific, and regulatory expertise, we’ve introduced Accelerant™, an experience-driven dynamic planning and operational model, to enhance clinical trial deliverables.

By embedding this model in every trial managed by Accelsiors, we ensure the seamless integration of quality, data access, visualization through our advanced clinical technology, and the acceleration of study progress.

All the while, we keep our focus firmly on patient perspectives and cost-effectiveness, for a truly engaging and efficient clinical trial experience.

1st Pillar

We focus on factors that are critical to the quality of your clinical trial. We streamline all key study stakeholders’ attention to preventing errors of relevance that could meaningfully impact outcome and conclusions of a clinical trial.

We will rigorously evaluate your study design during our designated Critical to Quality Meetings to ensure that data collected is essential and genuinely supports clinical trials conclusions. Through the identification of Risk areas which matter, the study outcome, and their close follow-up and mitigation, we will be able to build up and accentuate those study activities that are essential for the measured outcome and the safety of clinical trials participants.

We will handpick the most meaningful and sensitive performance indicators and visualize them through our proprietary WideSCOPE Intelligence™ dashboards.

Our QualityDRIVE™ journey will not stop till the study end. Our Design Space Navigators and Data Scientists will monitor the study quality continuously. They will set up periodic (monthly or more frequently) Quality Review Meetings involving the main study stakeholders, like project manager, medical monitors, sponsor and vendor representative, to discuss the detected issues and study progress and agree on the necessary issue follow up and corrective actions.

Let us accelerate your clinical drug development program!